Cape Cod Bracelet

What began as a local obsession has become something of a national phenomenon. The Cape Cod bracelet was created by John Carey about 30 years ago as a custom-made gift for the daughter of one of his customers. Though the first generation of Cape Cod bracelets is simple in design, too simple to be trademarked, this simplicity is part of the jewelry’s charm and the driving force behind the demand for it. While you can still get the original style of Cape Cod bracelets, other designs have been developed in the past three decades.

The original bracelet featured a silver band with a gold screwball closure that prevented the bracelet from falling off the wrist. However, you can also get the original design in other color combinations. It is available as a gold band with a silver screwball, silver band with a silver screwball, and gold band with a gold screwball. Although they are not authorized, other jewelry makers may offer replica Cape Cod bracelets and screwballs in other metals such as bronze, pewter, and copper.

You can also get the Cape Cod bracelets with two screwballs. The screwballs may be situated next to each other or on opposite sides of the band. The cuff style is also popular with the two screwballs placed at the ends of the bracelet where it opens or placed in the center of the bracelet. You can get this style of bracelet in the same gold and silver color combinations at the official store or in additional colors from other jewelry makers.

Cape Cod Jewelry

Some jewelry makers offer their own interpretation of the original Cape Cod bracelet design. One simple but elegant style features a twisted metal band with a single or double screwball. This style is great to for when you need something that looks a little more expensive to wear at formal events like balls, holiday parties, or proms. Gold, silver, and mixed metals are popular colors for this bracelet style.

Another interpretation of the Cape Cod bracelet involves using beads and pearls in addition to the screwballs to create a truly decorative piece of jewelry. Some Cape Cod bracelet designs have three pearls sitting in a row and capped by silver or gold screwballs. You can find these bracelets with the standard white pearls or get it with colored pearls that match your preferences and unique sense of fashion. The band on these bracelets may be fashioned out of gold, silver, or nonmetals like plastic.

In addition to the bracelets, Eden Hand Arts also sells matching earrings and necklaces. The earrings can be purchased in a hoop style with the signature screwball sitting in the center or in a hook style with the screwball dangling on the front end of the earring. The necklaces are made from flexible metal that connects to the screwball charm the center. The pieces can be purchased in silver and gold to match the color schemes of the bracelets. Like the bracelets, the earrings and necklaces are handcrafted and designed to last a long time.