The Cape Cod Bracelet

History is full of products whose creators were just as surprised as everyone else when they became runaway best sellers and the Cape Cod bracelet is one such product. The history of the Cape Cod bracelet begins 30 years ago when husband and wife John and Eve Carey ran a small shop called Eden Hand Arts that sold their artwork. Eve made pottery and John made sculptures, jewelry, and stained glass that was sold in the store.

The bracelet came about because of a special request made by one of Eden’s earliest customers. The woman wanted to purchase a piece of jewelry for her daughter that wouldn’t fall off the girl’s wrist. John did several drawings of possible pieces before settling on the now infamous design of the Cape Cod bracelet, a simple band with a screwball clasp. The bracelet is designed to move easily over the wrist bone but not turn around on the wrist. To ensure a good fit this, each bracelet is handcrafted according to the person’s wrist measurements.

People in the area instantly fell in love with what is now known as the Dennis bracelet. Still, it remained a local phenomenon until actress Amy Jo Johnson, who currently stars as Jules Callaghan on the show Flashpoint, wore it during her time as Julie Emrick on the WB Television Network series Felicity. Johnson, who graduated from Dennis-Yarmouth High School, wore the bracelet for 2 of the shows 4 seasons. According to Eve Carey, that’s when the bracelet’s popularity really took off.

The Carey’s don’t advertise, preferring word of mouth recommendations. Despite this, demand for the bracelet exploded much to the consternation of their neighbors. Traffic and parking became a problem, which the Dennis Police Department tried to alleviate by posting an officer on the road to direct the shop’s visitors, but the effort was futile. Today, people line up outside the small shop waiting 2 or more hours to be fitted for a custom-made Cape Cod bracelet.

For 10 years John Carey alone made the bracelets and it took about an hour to construct each one. The demand for the bracelets became too much to handle alone, though, and John enlisted the help of family members like his son, son-in-law, and grandson to assist with production. Eventually, the couple’s daughter Rachel Carey-Harper took over managing the shop.

While the family has no interest in expanding beyond the one store they own, they did approve of Rachel’s brother Trey Carey opening a sister store in the Pacific Northwest called Eden Northwest. Although the two businesses are completely separate, Trey’s family produces the bracelets the same exact way his father did right down to using the same suppliers and tools.

There are no other stores authorized to make or sell the Cape Cod bracelets, but knock offs have begun appearing around town and online. The family acknowledges that it was only a matter of time before that happened. Fans of the bracelet agree, however, that nothing beats the quality and specialness of having a real Eden Cape Cod bracelet handcrafted for you and still wait hours outside of the Dennis store to get one.

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Styles of Cape Cod Bracelets

The original bracelet featured a silver band with a gold screwball closure that prevented the bracelet from falling off the wrist. However, you can also get the original design in other color combinations. It is available as a gold band with a silver screwball, silver band with a silver screwball, and gold band with a gold screwball. Although they are not authorized, other jewelry makers may offer replica Cape Cod bracelets and screwballs in other metals such as bronze, pewter, and more

Cleaning Your Cape Cod Bracelet

Although simple, the Cape Cod bracelet is a popular piece of jewelry that people from all over the country visit Dennis, Massachusetts to buy. The jewelry is handcrafted to fit each person’s and it is not unusual for an individual to never take it off once he or she receives it. While that is certainly one way to ensure the bracelet is never lost, it is also the quickest way for the jewelry to become tarnished and more